Why Choose Mylo?

A few reasons why we think you'll love our approach.
I have honed a photographic approach that captures your wedding in the most beautifully authentic and natural way. I avoid unnatural or cheesy poses. Instead it’s about capturing candid moments, telling the story of your day and reflecting the true personality of you and your partner, your family and friends. My imagery has a distinctly atmospheric tone, helping to capture all of the emotion and romance of your day.
In order to capture our style of photography, it’s important that I am as inconspicuous as possible. If I’ve done my job well, you’ll forget I’m even there and you’ll likely be surprised at some of the images I capture! The vast majority of my couples comment on how they barely noticed I was there on their wedding day which means I am able to capture natural, unposed shots where no one is made to feel awkward or uncomfortable.
With over 60 weddings under my belt since I started Mylo Photography in 2011, I like to think I have built up a wealth of experience in capturing real moments, full of genuine emotion and feeling. As an experienced cameraman I believe I have an eye for framing an image and really enjoy using natural light – indeed making the most of all light conditions, especially the ‘golden hour’ but even gloomy rainy days can have their own beauty! I strive to be creative, flexible and adaptive approach and am very proud to have so many wedding booked in for 2017/18.
Quite simply, I love what I do! I understand how nerve-wracking it can be choosing your wedding photographer and it means everything to me to contribute towards making your day the best it can possibly be. I can’t help but get excited about your day and it’s this level of passion for what I do that ensures that I capture honest, heartfelt, timeless images that remind you not only of how awesome your wedding day was, but how it actually felt to be there.